“Image consulting is the ideal tool to take care of your employees and their well-being. Far from being a superficial issue, the image influences human relationships in both private and professional life, so it is essential to master the codes. The image conveyed by your teams contributes to your success, it is one of the crucial factors of your corporate culture.
Being good with oneself makes us perform better in all areas. Calling on my expertise, I will enhance the well-being of your employees and allow you to transmit your true values. ”

Neyla Bend


Thanks to the expertise of our stakeholders, your teams will be guided in the mastery of style codes, respecting their personality but also the values ​​of your company while increasing its attractiveness. Our 4-hour interactive workshops with up to 20 participants, and facilitated by Neyla Bend and her team of stylists, are an ideal team-building activity, the employees feel privileged, it improves their self-esteem and their performance. By taking care of your employees and their styles, you also take care of the image of your company.

Workshop 20 people (Ask for quotation)


Retain your best customers, reward your best sellers and reward your best employees.

The perfect gift to please your best customers, the ideal package to win your top sellers or employees who have distinguished themselves. This personalized service will take place at Neyla BEND LLC agency in New York or in Los Angeles. A unique program around style and fashion.

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An animation around style and fashion to contribute to the success of your event. During your parties or corporate events, Neyla Bend and her team will be present to give advice on style and personal image. Participants who wish to have an opinion or advice regarding their style and morphology will have at their disposal the best professionals in the sector. Everyone can leave with a souvenir photo of the experience.

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The business of selling in the fashion retail world is a real art, to master it one must integrate the codes of the brand that they represent, know how to transmit, advise and put in trust the customer. Give your sales force all the assets to lead them to success and make them feel fulfilled in their role. These training / masterclasses are ideally done twice a year depending on the fall / winter and spring / summer collections.

Workshop 20 people (Ask for quotation)


Your image is a precious and powerful instrument and its mastery will allow you to communicate your values ​​and those of the brand you represent. We will work together to shape an image and style that reveal your professional potential while respecting your personality. This program will also help you gain more trust and credibility with your customers, partners and employees. New studies reveal that what you wear could affect how well you work. Leadership represents no exceptions.

This program is for women and men:

Directors / Managers
Representatives of the marks
Sales Professionals and Customer Relations
Communication Professionals
Professional retraining
Public figures

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