You may NOT see me in pants too often but my love for this season‘s “it-piece” – culottes – I can’t stop wearing them! From casual travel style to work looks, or a chic night out, culottes are a fun new pant silhouette to try out this Summer. The flared fit feels a little like a midi skirt, and when worn in elevated prints, a culotte is a great piece to dress up and have fun with. I want a really floral vibe for this look, so I​ paired my culottes with a peachy crepe (fabric) top and a pair of comfortable sandals.

Sometimes I just don’t feel like wearing a bag, I just prefer to carry my keys and cards, less girlier than I usually go, but it was a gorgeous sunny day and ​I​ just felt like not filling and carrying a bag all day long!

Here are a few selection of some other pants you may like:


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