What if I tell you I work hard for 6 months, and I enjoy the 6 other ones, would you believe me?


But when I say hard, I mean 75 hours/week. Restricting  my own social and love life, then planning on constructing the rest of the year, or the rest of my life would come next.





As I wandered in London streets this week, I realized how empty streets may be, how people are working in offices, all my friends were shifting a 9-6pm minimum resulting to a happy hour drink mostly every night. That was sad.


I do consider this city very charming and hopeful, I like the young labor who bring such a unique dynamic to it.

That day I came across workingmen painting a boutique, when they went to smoke their cigarette, I had to stop with my factory girl outfit and strike a pose with these barbie pink pumps. I had to.


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