Not only do I live in digital time, but I feel that because of my job I also reside in digital world. Sometimes my head is full of deadlines and it doesn’t help that I often stare at a screen either of my lap top, desktop or mobile phone. When fall hits the floor in Paris, sometimes if I need a break from all the things digital or even personal life I like to go for a walk by the park and listen to Aretha Franklin, Barbara, or even Debussy.

One of my favorite park to walk in, is the Jardin du Luxembourg. I like to be by my own and being surrounded with people is a plus. I like to walk approximately 45minutes to get somewhere I haven’t been for a while and feel the memories arousing in me in that kind of picture. That really refreshed my mind, soul and body because I felt happy and calm afterwards. Seeing autumn leaves, smelling hot chestnuts grilling, having some hot chocolate on a Parisian terrace, with your so desired-t0-read book or even listening to people nagging in their cosy scarves  really restart me, it puts me on a good energy levels and for some reason really ground me in a way I can not explain. You go back to the basics and realise what is it that really matters.

On one of those walks I decided to bring you with me, and see if you felt the same way. I’m sure some would agree that coming back to the nature, and simple life is something everyone should experience from time to time. Sometimes there just isn’t anything that can reboot your thoughts as well as nature can.

What are your ways or refreshing and relaxing? Some may go to the gym, or for a swim. Yoga is also a great way of getting that inner peace. I have to admit that playing with my nephews also brings me joy and reminds me of the true importance in life. Sometimes it’s a deep conversation, but on other occasions there is nothing like fresh air that can help untangle complicated thoughts. I am a capricorn ascendant pisces and someone who is pretty emotional and empathic. It means that without these types of outlets I wouldn’t be able to sleep at nights as the thoughts wouldn’t let me relax.

What do you guys think? Excited to hear any input on this topic.

Some people believe holding on and hanging in there are signs of great strength. However, there are times when it takes much more strength to know when to let go and then to do it.

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