About this dress – it’s actually with a really weird shape. It didn’t fit like I would liked it to on my body but as the dress itself was so cool, I had to have it. Shiny pleats as a midi skirt under a loose comfy sweatshirt...

And of course I knew, I could make it work – somehow.

 The dress looks so much more interesting with a front detail and you could wear it with a cool belt around the waist, or just with a hairband to make a knot  also.

Yeah, happy about that, but I haven’t worn a shiny piece in such a long time, I had forgotten how easy it is to make it more casual with a sober piece such as a sweatshirt or a pullover or even a turtleneck, you can make a shiny skirt/trousers/pants wearable by day this way.

Hopefully I will be wearing more in this Autumn/Winter season...

What do you think about the sweatshirt dress trend? I love it! With these kinds of dresses you can have a cool and effortless look however you wear them with – with sneakers, heels or boots.


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