Yet another one of my outfits, which happens to combine some of my favorite Fall trends this season. We shot this look during LFW, and I have to say that this one, was probably one of my personal favorites!

  Aside from the fact that I simply cannot say enough about the gorgeous DRESS I am wearing in this post: perfect fall SCARF, chains and horse buckles print that is just perfectly moody, incredibly flowy shape and ideal asymmetry, red with pink and nude with ruffles, what I am really loving at the moment, is the mini dress with high boots combination. A bold and colorful look for a Hermes style.  Thigh-high or knee-tall, uber skinny or not so much, as long as they are paired with mini-length dress, I am loving them all!  But I am particularly partial to the boots I’m wearing here; I got them last year, and they were in heavy rotation all season. Why? Well, because they look good with everything, and sure, the dress I am wearing in this post would look lovely with a pair of black pumps, but something about a thigh-high boot really ties the look together and adds just the right touch of edge and drama to the look! Love that!    

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