Driving passed Dbayeh’s seaside road, you’ll notice a stone house by the Corniche. “Al Mandaloun” has expanded its business to include Mandaloun Beach Club, a place that has taken its share of hype this summer. The place boasts a pool, a fish restaurant and a Lebanese cafe… We chose to HAVE A BRUNCH BY THE POOL AND SOME SNACKS at the fish restaurant… to the sounds of crashing waves and a view of Dbayeh’s seaport, this restaurant will take your breath away.

THIS SUMMER, the fish restaurant promises local cuisine with a touch of modernism. Take the elevator up to the first floor. Four displays of fish welcome you as you open the door… a beautiful setup. Four masterpieces of colors… 

one can’t but stop to snap a picture. Orange, grey, white and brown, I felt like eating the fish on the spot. 

Inside is a beautiful restaurant inspired by the summer season and the sandy beaches of Indonesia. A low ceiling, stone walls and lots of wood with decorative lamps that reflect lines of shadows all around the space. 

White colors and light wood with a wide facade of glass provides an open view of the beach. The bar transports you to Santorini, the balcony to Napoli and the main dining room to a cottage house up in the mountains; beautiful decor indeed.


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